Monday, September 29, 2014

Feather Soup

 Feather Soup
1 quart of water in a dog dish
as many loose feathers as you can find on your feathery body
a little cracked corn for seasoning
stir with your beak

Serves two geese.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Fake emails-be careful what you open!

 Please be careful what emails you open, even if it seems to be from someone you email a lot. Have your email settings so you can read the first line BEFORE you click on the email to open it up. You never know what is lurking if you open an email-a nasty virus, or worse, a portal to your account...Anything is possible.
I do not email anyone unless I ask them first in a comment at their blog. So if you have gotten a weird email that looks like it's from me-it isn't. Don't open it!
Be careful who you give your email address to.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Blog give-away at Monnie bean

 If you'd like to, stop over at my other blog and comment at the newest post for a give-away. The drawing will be September 23rd.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Last Fall...

 All of these photos were taken last year in October. The colors this year are already appearing-we are about a month ahead of fall colors because of the cooler summer. This is a scene I walk past every time I take my 2 mile walk-all of these photos show along the road.
 So far I have not met a bear, but I am going to get some pepper spray just in case. Actually, I am more wary of humans out here than wild life.
 I have seen coyotes run across the road, skunks in the ditch, heard a very awful and scary creature in the woods as I was walking by, and have seen hundreds of snails, red newts, worms and other assorted creatures on the road. I feel like it's my own road.

The cloud of fog is covering the lake. Now this big fellow has about ten or so horse pals to run around with. Some of the horses are Percherons (sp?) and when they gallop it sounds like thunder-it's really neat. I give them clover sometimes.
I do love the Fall, but there's a sadness too-not too much though, but I miss my robin song....Right now we are hearing a few peepers in the woods. They always make a short comeback this time of year, and then they are silent until next spring.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

A web

 Spider webs change the scenery-I love them especially when there are water droplets on them, strung like beads. This web is not symmetrical, but still beautiful.
I once read that what makes a woman's or man's face beautiful is if the features are symmetrical. Hogwash.
 It's what's inside, in a person's heart.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Ordinary days

 I have been spying on this little fellow. I see him from one of my studio windows many mornings. Of course I don't know if it's the same fellow each time, or if that's the hang out for all chipmunks in my yard.
 But each time I see one on top of that hoe, I wonder just what is going through that little mind of his. When he's up there, he can survey all the flower tops beneath him. He could be the chipmunk King, just making sure all is well in his domain.
 This tiny creature is caught in a barely discernible web stretched out across a hole in some metal thing in my garden.
 I love how the foxglove spots inside the flower lead the bees right to the pollen.
 I have had only this beautiful pink hollyhock this year. Look how beautiful the stamens and pistils are. I love all the delicate lines on the petals.
 Here is one of my hidden spots in our yard. I cut a hole through the privet hedges so I could get out on our dirt road and get the mail that way. I just love this area. It makes me feel like a little girl again. I want to have tea parties here, and maybe invite all the chipmunks to come and eat poppyseed cake.