Monday, January 11, 2016

Away for awhile....

 Above is a painting I did of our feral kitty.

 He has huge paws and legs. Won't let us get too close. He's enjoying the house my husband made for him. And he loves breakfast, lunch and dinner. Of course, served on time.

Here's a painting I did from one of my photos. I feel God changing my path as far as my art goes. That's one reason why I must take a break from blogging, till March.
I will miss you all...
God bless and keep you.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

A story of Two cats

 One morning back in September I was walking up our road and I heard a faint mewing coming from the ditch. I stopped and listened, and finally discovered a small black kitten hidden in the grass. I picked the kitten up and held it to my chest. Even with a coat on, I could feel the purring. The little thing immediately broke my heart with its pure need of me, and its total acceptance.
I carried it home and my husband and I constructed a box with soft things in it, and we 'just happened' to have some canned cat food so we could feed the little thing. I'll tell you why I emphasized 'just happened' later.
So the little black ball was fed and warm and we held her and my heart melted into a puddle. I was captured by a tiny creature. Something in my heart just broke. I had never in my life been much of a cat person. I was all for birds and dogs. Cats were even a little annoying to me because they could be so aloof and had such an attitude. But that little black kitten, oh my.....
We tried to find her a home that day-tried everyone we knew. We were afraid to keep her because someone in our family was very allergic to cats. It would not be a good thing to have the cat inside because that loved person could end up in the hospital from breathing cat dander.
We prayed. We took her to a no-kill shelter. She was purring the whole time, and continued to purr in the shelter. We knew she would be loved there-the worker who took her held her just like I had...We were told that we could get her back if we found out our family member could perhaps just take medicine. So I called the family member-the answer was no.
The kitten was gone from my life.
 Almost immediately this fellow became the focus of my new found cat love. We had seen him skulking and skirting the bounds of our property-but he was always on the run.
 I started talking to him. I prayed about a way to feed him so he'd know it was me. It would make this an even longer story to tell how God answered that prayer, but let me just say-He did answer it, and in an amazing way that I never ever could have orchestrated myself.
We have the same feeding spot at the same times. I can now get about 2 feet from him. No petting. But his eyes don't have that horrible fear of me in them any more. He looks so much better, and he's waiting for me and hanging out in 'our spot' not just when he expects food.
I wrote that we 'just happened' to have some cat food in the house. Before I found Little Black Kitten, we wanted to give this orange guy some help with food with winter just around the corner. But we could never get him close to the house-the food would have gone to raccoons or possums. Yes-God provided food for that little kitten. He knew all this stuff before it happened.
He knew we were going to need the food for the kitten. And now we are feeding this big guy with it. God filled my love for that kitten with this fellow. I have named him Billy Bean Boo-bush, but I call him 'Old Man.'
We still won't be able to bring him inside our home. He has found warmth and cover somewhere around here for a long time, but now we are going to build him a little apartment house....I look forward to being able to pet him, and hear him purr. Right now I know he likes me, and almost trusts me.
This could be just a story about two cats, but it's not. I look for God in everything because I love Him. This story makes me cry because I see mercy in it. I see provision and sacrifice. It hurt not to have that little black kitten. What is love if it is not sacrifice?
In a world gone mad I will take my simple cat story
and I will rest knowing I am loved too.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

 "Not yesterday I learned to know
The love of bare November days
Before the coming of the snow..."
~Robert Frost, "My November Guest," The Poetry of Robert Frost, Henry Holt & Co., 1979