Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Beauty in the Old

 There is something so lovely about worn out. That it was saved and treasured, that it has a history unknown perhaps, to the present owner. The old has a look it didn't have when it was new. It looks more beautiful....

Friday, April 22, 2016

Passing on Orion

A few years after my father died, my mom remarried. I went to live with my step-grandma until my brother, my two step-brothers, step-dad and my mom could all be in one house and us kids in the same school. That meant I went back and forth between one house and another till everyone was together.
My new dad and I traveled in his pickup every weekend so I could be with mom and my brother. My step brothers were living with my step-grandma, so I got to know them on weekdays.
My dad and I had the rides to and fro to become friends.
I am a quiet person now, and I suppose I was back then too. So he talked, and I was a captive audience for his stories.
He told me about Orion. He pointed out the beautiful constellation, and told me it was supposed to be a hunter. Orion has never left my head as I have gone through my life. He was the first constellation I showed my son when he was little. Now that he is grown up, we talk about those stars when we are out in the dark night under a sky full of stars and planets. I have passed on Orion to my son. A story told to me has become important to my son. A simple story, but it draws us together-father, daughter; daughter's son.
I was thinking about little stories that get lost because no one knows about them. Like the one about my great-grandma. I was told she loved to wear colors-not flower prints-but plain colors together when she dressed.
 How about the new story about my mom, who saw a stink bug and got the magnifying glass to look at him. She actually got teary-eyed telling me about it because of his beauty magnified.
We pass our lives with these little stories that make us who we are. Life is the little stories.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

He restores my soul.

 Thank God for being my Shepherd, the Lover of my soul. One who is there to stick it out and perfect all that concerns me.
 I thank Him for the cross.
 I thank Him for being God and for being inscrutable-too big to figure out. Too powerful, too merciful. Yes, He is.
Something none of us deserve
we were given.
Righteous, Holy God becomes a Man, knows all our sorrows, endures scorn and the humiliation and horror of dying on a cross. Many men died that way, but only One for the sins of us.
Not just some fairy tale-
the Truth.
The only Way
The only Truth
The only Life.
The Restorer
The Redeemer.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

 It took me almost all my sixty-one years on the earth to figure out that one of my talents seems to be a backwards one. It's almost like when I go through a door, I go wrong side first and always knock stuff off shelves in the process. Say the wrong thing, do the wrong thing....but if I'm lucky (I don't believe in luck), I will suddenly get a little smart while I'm doing things wrong, and be able to apologize, or beg forgiveness. In other words-God will step into my mess and make it right.
So I feel I'm going to do one of those backward walks into a doorway right now on my blog. Break
 all the blog etiquette and just blunder onward.
Because today I have had enough.
 Right this minute I am plain tired of people. Not my family. Other people. Christians. Church goers. I'm sick of America that can actually want Donald Trump for a president. Or the other party. Some choice we have. (This post is not about politics-that stuff just popped into my head.)
For the first time in my life today I wanted to scream in church and get up and leave. If that isn't breaking blog etiquette, I don't know what is.
But a very interesting thing occurred to me in all of this.
As if I didn't already know it-God is real.
So is the enemy. And he's roarin' mad at believers who just simply want to love God. He wants to break apart churches and divide people that love each other, and even divide families who don't happen to agree about things. You have to admit-there's a lot of rotten junk happening on the earth.
You'll be wondering what I'm talking about here, I'm sure.
Hey, I'm just walking through the doorway backward. Pardon my big feet.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016


 I haven't taken many new photos, so these are all oldies from this blog. Happy almost spring!

Monday, January 11, 2016

Away for awhile....

 Above is a painting I did of our feral kitty.

 He has huge paws and legs. Won't let us get too close. He's enjoying the house my husband made for him. And he loves breakfast, lunch and dinner. Of course, served on time.

Here's a painting I did from one of my photos. I feel God changing my path as far as my art goes. That's one reason why I must take a break from blogging, till March.
I will miss you all...
God bless and keep you.