Wednesday, April 16, 2014

most important things....

I just wanted to stop in a moment and wish everyone a wonderful Easter. It's important to think about what it means for us on this earth.
 Jesus made a way for us to be forgiven. 

Friday, March 14, 2014


 I have tons of house stuff to do, so I won't be checking my blog or visiting for a while. Our house is going through a huge change. we had a new roof put on, new efficient windows put in, and new siding on our house. These ancient ruins are not our home-it wasn't that bad. So all these things have been going on around us-lots of loud hammering, sawing, people in my home tearing up stuff. It's looking wonderful even though it's not done yet.

 But now I've decided to repaint my studio walls, and it's in a state of complete frenzy. I will get it done, and then be back to my blogs and making things.

When all the work is done, I'll post some photos...

Monday, February 10, 2014

it sure is winter....

 There's a good chance I have cabin fever,
but I heard a woodpecker tapping out his call to all unhitched woodpeckers, and I believe it's really spring, even though nothing else says so. The woodpecker does, and I think he's right. We have over a foot of snow, and it hardly gets above 20 degrees-in fact, that's HOT for this winter. More like under 10 degrees, and certainly lots of below zero nights, with a few days like that thrown in....
 But I still say it's spring. I grabbed my camera to capture some of 'my' doves waiting a turn under the feeder. I had to take the photos through my windows, so they're not as focused as I'd like. This pair are resting on my old lawn mower handles.
They saw me, but stayed right there for a long time.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Freezing feathers

 It has to be at least 10 degrees above zero before I will put the girls outside. So this winter is the first time they have been inside during the day for more than one day.
 This is Titus, above. She rules Sam, below, with an 'evil' eye, and a jabbing beak. I have to hold Titus back when I give them lettuce, or Sam will not get one bite.
This indoor playpen for them is in an unheated part of our house, like a back room attached to the garage. Otherwise, it would be very unhealthy for them to have heat, and then put them outside-it could kill them. They are my babies, and I feel very protective over them. They will turn 13 years old in June this year. We've had them since they were about 4 days old-they still had their 'egg teeth' on their beaks when they arrived at the feed store. Through raccoon attacks and disease, I lost two of them. Atticus and Cornelius. They all had boy's names, but were girls. By the end of next month, they should be laying eggs. I worry over them, as they aren't spring fowl anymore! Egg laying is not for sissies! I promised Kim, from Coral Cottage, these pictures, so please visit her wonderful blog. She's a talented artist and amazing photographer. Titus and Sam say howdy, Kim!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Warmer memories...

 It can be hard to live in a harsh climate, and today is one of those days. My geese can't go outside because it's below zero with high winds. They sleep away the day in their cozy kiddie pool filled with straw in an unheated, but warm back room of our house. They sleep there every night for varmint protection anyway, but of course I usually let them out to go to their huge pen for the day.
 I am so thankful the electricity has stayed on.
 I'm stopping in here just for a minute or two-but then I have to get back to a project that I am having fun doing...more about that later.
 I LOVED picking fresh shard and eating it raw or cooking it for a minute with butter-oh yum! I ate the basil fresh too-but made a bunch of green basil pesto-without the cheese, and froze it. Perfect for winter chili and soups, and smells wonderful!

Flowering tobacco
The tobacco was a surprise this fall-it came up because I had dug up the ground where the seeds lay dormant for a few years. All it took was some light and elbow room. They grew about 6 feet tall. I'm dreaming about spring...seed catalogs help a lot!

Thursday, December 19, 2013