Monday, April 27, 2015

Spring things

 I have decorated my garden with a fence I was using in a spot that sorta went to seed-so I dug up the fence and put it here. First I hand dug the plot-about 20' X 30' and got all the little weeds out. It's easy to dig because I have kept up with the weeds each year.
 I won't be able to keep the rabbits out, but I plan to use chicken wire around lettuce and other things they fancy.
 I made the tool thing. The stuff is just screwed to treated poles which are sunk in the ground. Then I wired the tools at the top.

 I'll have flowers and veggies and herbs together, but no perennials except lavender. It's too hard to keep weeds and grasses out if I have too many perennials. I enjoy hand digging and it's healthy exercise.
 I have lots of things for supports for cukes and tomatoes-which our resident rabbits don't bother with.
 There's mail delivery for Sparrowgrass residents...
 We still don't have leaves out yet. It's been a cold spring. 50 degrees feels warm because last week it was in the 30's.
The spot behind the dug garden is also a garden, but filled with perennial plants and shrubs. I use spent straw from my geese as a mulch because it's what I have. I tried free wood chip mulch and it was not worth the effort to get it. It got moldy and I just don't like it. We have a large variety of shrubs and trees here on our 2 acres, so we have a lot of birds. We feed them year round too. Today I finished trimming our big red raspberry patch. Whew! The rhubarb is showing its wrinkly leaves, there are fat lilac buds, and the maple trees have those red flowers which make the trees look so pretty on the hills. No spring flowers yet except early daffodils and crocus. This is a beautiful time of year, and after months of being cooped up inside, I feel a little nutty being outside.
I am so very thankful I can do all the things I love to do.
God is so merciful and loving and full of Grace to me!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

I have removed one of our Pointy Dog movies from this blog because it was creeping me out that there were so many page views of it. I also don't appreciate YouTube's choice of other movies people can view afterward.

my grandma

She was born in 1899 to simple country people. She went to school and graduated and then fell in love with a motorcycle-riding tall, dark and handsome man. He proposed and she said she'd marry him if he became a Christian. He agreed whole heartedly. A few years later my grandparents had one child, my mama.
My grandma loved her home and loved being a wife and mother. She did it all so simply. Money was tight. My grandparents raised a few chickens, pigs, had a milk cow. My grandpa even raised ginseng for a while.

Church was a simple white clapboard building with a bell tower. Methodist. The building was beautiful and old. It smelled like clean windows and wood inside.

My grandma never stopped believing the best about every situation. I remember her humming while she worked in her kitchen wearing a homemade apron dusted with flour from baking.

There's a lot to simple folks that no one will ever see. So much of what my grandma did wasn't meant for anyone to see. If there was one person in my own life that influenced me in a good way, it was her. A safe harbor, always loving. That was my grandma.

She never knew what speaking in tongues was about, or fretted over having spiritual gifts. She simply lived her faith-strongly. She would not compromise.

In all the years of teaching from spiritual books and sermons and hours spent in churches, I would have to reach up to be on my grandma's spiritual level.

A life well-hidden, beautiful in its simplicity. But much more than that. My grandma lived 1 Corinthians chapter 13. In my Bible (ESV), that chapter has the heading, 'The Way of Love.'

You have been good to me God, for giving me my grandma and her memory. It has helped me to think of her this morning...

Thursday, April 9, 2015

little becomes much

7 Ways to Make the World Nicer
  1. Look at people where ever you are in public and smile-especially smile at older people. They already feel invisible in a youth-worshiping society.
  2. Let someone be wrong about something that doesn't matter. Don't feel like you have to correct every mistake that comes out of a person's mouth.
  3. Be silent. Let other people talk. It's fun to listen.
  4. Turn off computers, smart phones and other gadgets for one day a week. That day, draw, write or pay attention to the sky. Actually TALK to someone face to face.
  5. Make cupcakes and take some to people that help you like your car fixer or your hair dresser.
  6. Write out nice memories you have of a family member and mail it to them.
  7. Think about little things you can do each day that make you happy and that could make someone else happy. Make your list and do it.   

Friday, March 27, 2015

Honk honk!

It's still winter here-lilacs are many weeks away from blooming.
 But robins sing and I can smell spring. I'm happy to be feeling well again after having the flu, some surgery on my left leg, and phlebitis in my right knee.
I'm walking again! Doing the 2 miler or close to it-with no leg pain! I thought it was a permanent thing, and I'd adjust to it-but thank God, I am pain free.
It's been a long hard winter.
I've learned some good life lessons in the middle of it all.
I'll never forget a sermon I heard a long time ago. It was about geese flying in a flock in the V formation. How the other geese are honking to cheer on the leader, who is making the flight a little easier for the rest of the formation. It was about not giving up.
This morning I stopped in the road to watch and listen as a big flock of geese flew over my head. The birds were flying into the wind; I could see their wings beat hard. But they were honking, "Don't give up! Keep flying! You're doing great!"
I can't think of a good way to end this post and tie it all together, except to just say-don't give up! Take each day as the gift it is, no matter what. Keep believing the best.
Honk Honk!

Monday, March 16, 2015

feeling foggy

Here is an old picture from this blog. I am so sick with the flu, foggy seems to picture how I feel. I can't wait to visit my blog friends-I miss you so much!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Late winter goings on...

 This fellow would not land on the suet feeder while I was about 10 feet from him...he kept flitting from two trees, back and forth, and giving me the dickens in wood pecker talk. Finally he gave up and flew away until I left.

This little scoundrel has made his winter warm-up home in the snow. It's fun to watch him pop up in different spots. He watched me as I took his photo from the kitchen window.

I was amazed to look up today while I was trying to photograph the wood pecker and see this bald eagle soaring overhead! What an incredible thing it is to see them. My geese were watching him too!