Friday, July 18, 2014

Sozo, so much CRAP.

This is not the kind of post I like to write, or that I normally write. But sometimes I feel that to have this blog, and be public with it, I must write about things that mean something, and that could change someone's life.
So my topic is Sozo. This is a very bad thing, masquerading itself as Christianity, and invading churches. We have visited a church where it is practiced - not knowing it was in that church- but we had very bad spiritual 'tastes in our mouths' from that one time experience.
Part of the belief system of this cult is dealing with childhood memories. This cult has 'healers' that can deliver you from those bad memories and thus, your relationship with God is better than ever.
What about the blood of Jesus?
But here's what Beth Moore, a very trusted Bible scholar, writer, and leader in women's ministry has to say about this topic of memory retrieval :
"...Satan is having a field day with the whole concept of "memory retrieval." It has almost become faddish. Please be advised that the devil can suggest virtually anything. Just because we suddenly get a picture in our heads does not mean we've experienced it personally." from Praying God's Word, B&H Publishing Group, 2009, page 306.
This junk has infected not only local churches but people that we love. And I am taking a stand here on my blog -little old me- against it in the only way other than praying, that I know to do.
This stuff is not just a cute little cult-it is DANGEROUS.
Hey-but I got a little notice for ya-
God is greater.
SO there,sozo.
DO your own investigating here for a start.

Friday, July 4, 2014

A bug Story

Yesterday I was eye level with this little creature. He was on my window. He had tiny black eyes. I knew we were really seeing each other when it flinched a little as I raised up my arms to open the window. The creature was readying itself for some attack. I didn't want to kill it. If it had been a wasp, hornet, fly, mosquito or tick, yes- I would have relished flattening it.
But this was some kind of moth-creature. So I gave him a ride up the window as I raised it. And of course, I pretty much forgot about that bug, except to think of how my son would have liked that story. He would have pretended to be the bug, and in his genius for making me laugh, we would have made the bug story memorable. But my son is many miles from here.
This morning the air was so much cooler after the rain, so I wanted to open the same window and let the air inside. On the wet windowsill was my bug-on its back, dragging its wings in the water.
Yes, I'm one of those people who will help a bug. As long as it's not on my Wanted Dead bug list, I will help them.
I was worried about helping this fellow without tearing his wings. He was not a pretty moth at all-in fact, as moths go, he was run of the mill plain and totally insignificant. He was even beige. Good grief! But there he was, in my life again.
So I got his wings out of the water. There were those beady black eyes again, staring at me. If I were a bug and had been rescued, I'd want to be outside. I opened the door and was going to place him on the porch wall, when suddenly he flew. His wings worked! His flight was magnificent. Graceful fluttering carried him up and away and out of my sight.
Rescued. Free. Flying as he was meant to fly.
Spiritual tie-in: Me too, 'cos of Jesus.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

 I have been going into my gardens with my sketchbook this summer, and drawing plants. I've taken photos too, so I can draw them from inside my house when I want to.
 I think it's crazy & wonderful how the forms, colors, shapes, designs, smells are so different and interesting. I am using my drawings in my paintings. The drawings are realistic-I try to capture the shapes and lines as I see them. But the paintings have been folky.
I have to say-I've never had so much fun with my art before.
 All this stuff should probably be over at my art blog-but sometimes I can't draw the line between my art making and my life. I've had some struggles with that idea. Sometimes it feels very selfish to sit home alone making art. Sometimes it is selfish.
But I have found out the weirdest thing-
I need to do my art.
 A line from a movie haunts me with this very sentiment, and I wished I had looked it up exactly before writing this post, but here's my memory of it- the runner from 'Chariots of Fire' says, "When I run, I feel His pleasure." He's speaking of God-it was one of God's gifts to him.
I just love that quote because it's how I feel about making art.

Monday, June 30, 2014

Doll give-away at my other blog

 I'm having a give-away at my art blog (Monnie bean Folk art)
 Please leave a comment at that blog if you'd like to have her.
Enjoy your day!

Monday, June 16, 2014

nest. gardens.

We've been watching a robin family from the first twigs and mud to form the nest, patient nest sitting to hatch the eggs, and now constant feeding of three babies. They are under the kitchen porch roof. We have a bird's eye view of them through the windows. The parents tolerate us. We are happy they are quite clean-it's a protection of their babies to dispose of droppings away from the nest, so they are just fun for us-with no work at all. They do prevent us from sitting on that porch-but I think they'd probably get used to us out there.

It won't be long before the babies fly the first time.
I miss my own 'baby' even though he's married and out of our nest, somehow he'll always be my baby....