Wednesday, May 27, 2015

It should be a photograph of wings, because I am under them.
I am protected
held close
when I feel like I have no strength to hang on.
When I have no answers
only questions
 I still turn to my Heavenly Father God.
Under his wings
in the shadow of His wings
I am treasured
God gave His Son for my sin
there is no shame to hold
because He took it on the cross.
Holy God could not bear to look at His only treasure hanging there
for me
for all.
It does not end there, at the cross
or at the tomb.
That's where it begins.
God's power raised Christ from the dead
so He could live inside me.
I have this Treasure
I bear it not only in my heart
but in my being.
I carry Him with me
in little snippets of His Word
which is also who He Is.
He covers me with His feathers...

Friday, May 22, 2015

News from Sparrowgrass....

The room is done. Onward to another one after a little rest. I am excited about decorating this room. A new hanging lamp will be installed soon.

Mrs. Oriole is saying, "I know someone is watching me-I can feel it!"

Mr. Oriole takes charge of the orange...

I haven't seen my baby doves in a week. They're so well camo-ed in this photo. I miss seeing them in my gardens.

It's about time to plant seeds and some tomato plants. I haven't done too much here because I've been painting. I just love the month of May. I love June too-spring seems so new, and I want it to go on always and forever...

Monday, May 4, 2015

Restorer of loose plaster

 Loose old paper on old plaster walls-I've got to take it off and fix it. My fix won't be professional, but I'll try to make it look as good as I can. Even though I can push on that part of the wall, and feel it move a little...The correct fix would be to take it all off and put up sheet rock.
 Including the ceiling...
Amazingly, that plaster (on the ceiling) is quite tight-it's just the paper and outer spackling layer that's peeling off here and there. I think I can fix that the right way. It won't be professional, and it will take me a long time to make it look good.
 As I was doing all this work this morning, I couldn't help but be drawn into thinking of it as a spiritual exercise as well as just fixing an old wall in a bedroom in our old house.
There's layers of stuff-and I emphasize the word 'layers' because we all have them. You know, those selves that we put on for different people and different occasions. It's natural and normal, and even proper to do that. I don't happen to believe you should go to Walmart in your pj's, but I've seen it. With slippers.
But there's also layers of us that do need to be removed at times, and it's hard work and some of it has been buried for years and years. The little cracks reveal it's time for a change. Oh, I don't know....maybe this is ridiculous for most of you reading it. All I know is that God wants to do more with me, and I keep coming up with lists of why I can't do what He wants. All those layers...all that dust. So much to pick up, to sort out. And it's so hard to do all that work. It takes time. It takes some real commitment to get the job done too.
The thing is, God can do the work in me when and if I let Him.
He has all the resources in the universe available to Him to accomplish His plan for me. It is an individual plan, different from anyone else's on the planet.
I take heart in that.
He's an individual God, He's my friend, my love, my Savior, my Restorer.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Spring things

 I have decorated my garden with a fence I was using in a spot that sorta went to seed-so I dug up the fence and put it here. First I hand dug the plot-about 20' X 30' and got all the little weeds out. It's easy to dig because I have kept up with the weeds each year.
 I won't be able to keep the rabbits out, but I plan to use chicken wire around lettuce and other things they fancy.
 I made the tool thing. The stuff is just screwed to treated poles which are sunk in the ground. Then I wired the tools at the top.

 I'll have flowers and veggies and herbs together, but no perennials except lavender. It's too hard to keep weeds and grasses out if I have too many perennials. I enjoy hand digging and it's healthy exercise.
 I have lots of things for supports for cukes and tomatoes-which our resident rabbits don't bother with.
 There's mail delivery for Sparrowgrass residents...
 We still don't have leaves out yet. It's been a cold spring. 50 degrees feels warm because last week it was in the 30's.
The spot behind the dug garden is also a garden, but filled with perennial plants and shrubs. I use spent straw from my geese as a mulch because it's what I have. I tried free wood chip mulch and it was not worth the effort to get it. It got moldy and I just don't like it. We have a large variety of shrubs and trees here on our 2 acres, so we have a lot of birds. We feed them year round too. Today I finished trimming our big red raspberry patch. Whew! The rhubarb is showing its wrinkly leaves, there are fat lilac buds, and the maple trees have those red flowers which make the trees look so pretty on the hills. No spring flowers yet except early daffodils and crocus. This is a beautiful time of year, and after months of being cooped up inside, I feel a little nutty being outside.
I am so very thankful I can do all the things I love to do.
God is so merciful and loving and full of Grace to me!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

I have removed one of our Pointy Dog movies from this blog because it was creeping me out that there were so many page views of it. I also don't appreciate YouTube's choice of other movies people can view afterward.

my grandma

She was born in 1899 to simple country people. She went to school and graduated and then fell in love with a motorcycle-riding tall, dark and handsome man. He proposed and she said she'd marry him if he became a Christian. He agreed whole heartedly. A few years later my grandparents had one child, my mama.
My grandma loved her home and loved being a wife and mother. She did it all so simply. Money was tight. My grandparents raised a few chickens, pigs, had a milk cow. My grandpa even raised ginseng for a while.

Church was a simple white clapboard building with a bell tower. Methodist. The building was beautiful and old. It smelled like clean windows and wood inside.

My grandma never stopped believing the best about every situation. I remember her humming while she worked in her kitchen wearing a homemade apron dusted with flour from baking.

There's a lot to simple folks that no one will ever see. So much of what my grandma did wasn't meant for anyone to see. If there was one person in my own life that influenced me in a good way, it was her. A safe harbor, always loving. That was my grandma.

She never knew what speaking in tongues was about, or fretted over having spiritual gifts. She simply lived her faith-strongly. She would not compromise.

In all the years of teaching from spiritual books and sermons and hours spent in churches, I would have to reach up to be on my grandma's spiritual level.

A life well-hidden, beautiful in its simplicity. But much more than that. My grandma lived 1 Corinthians chapter 13. In my Bible (ESV), that chapter has the heading, 'The Way of Love.'

You have been good to me God, for giving me my grandma and her memory. It has helped me to think of her this morning...