Monday, March 2, 2015

Spring is on the way!

It's hard to believe, but spring really is in the air! I can hear it in the birds' songs, and sometimes I can smell it. This is the time I savor because I want spring to last a long, long time.

 Yesterday after church, my hubby took me out to eat, and then we went looking for frozen water to photograph. There are so many waterfalls in our area. The one above is in Montour Falls. The first one is the lower entrance to Watkins Glen State Park.
And this falls is in Hector. They are so much bigger than they appear in the photos.
Make sure you listen to the birds' songs as they change from mostly quiet winter singing, to -"Hey, I think the sun is out longer. Let's eat!"

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

I have a new blog!

I decided to start a new blog. It's all about me. yes it is. I am struggling with being an artist, so I thought blogging about it would help me see things differently. The blog is called "Flying Colors," and you can visit me here.

Friday, February 20, 2015

The results from my lump are negative for cancer-so I thank God.
I don't know what caused the lump-doesn't matter. I can take away a lovely thing from all of this; well, many lovely things. Friends praying, family praying, church body praying...Being anointed with oil and prayed for at the altar in church is an awesome thing, and very humbling....
Learning God's voice while being bombarded with my own fears is a lovely thing. Being in His perfect peace is lovely too. I have to say, I never got to the place of saying to God-no matter what, I just give this all to You. I didn't do it and I told Him I couldn't get to that place.
Jesus loves me, this I know. Loves me when I'm afraid, just loves me , loves me.
Thank you friends for praying for me too.

Friday, February 13, 2015

The surgery went well and God gave me a sense of peace that never could have come from my own heart or mind. It's an amazing experience to really know you are in the hand of God and that He sees you. The doctor said that the lump didn't look like anything to worry about, but of course it will be tested. So I am not worried. There's not much pain, and I am so glad it's over with. I go back in a week to see the doctor-he is so good, and so kind.
After all this I can see it as sort of a wake up call-I've been thinking about a lot of things I want and need to change, and God has been showing me the path for those changes He wants me to make. It's all good-because He is good. It's hard to see those ugly things about ourselves, but seeing them is most of the battle. I am so blind to myself!
I am anxious to get out and start walking again, but that will come in time. It's too cold now anyway. I want to thank you all so much who left encouraging comments and thank you so much for praying. I needed your prayers and thoughts, and it touched me deeply...Thank you.....

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

My surgery is tomorrow, Thursday.
Yesterday the fog froze on all the twigs and grasses, making winter so beautiful.
The lake to lake geese were out for a fly...

Above is the path I shoveled to get to our mail box.
Here is the gourd that the wren lives in some times.
The gardens are hidden.

Starlings flew in near the house so I could get their picture through a window.
They are eating buck thorn berries. I dislike that tree except for the spring when it's flowering. The smell is magnificent! Tiny little green flowers, but they smell up the whole yard-they grow in the hedgerows. The berries can make a mess if your car is parked under the trees, or if birds are eating them! These birds were in one of our birch trees-you can see the birch seed catkins. I have transplanted a few trees that grew from these seeds.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

 We have icicles over 4 feet long. Some places the snow is over my knees. I like wallowing through it-I feel like I did as a kid-just loving the adventure of winter. Ten degrees feels like a heat wave compared to below zero, but I pray for warmer weather. I have a path I shoveled to get to the mail box. The path travels by my trees and garden. In one of the trees we hung a gourd with a hole in it for birds. Last summer someone put a lot of twigs and grasses in it. Every time I walk past the gourd now, a little Carolina wren pops out and tells me to go away. I love it that they are using the gourd even in winter!
I am dreaming of spring. I have a few air plants that brighten my home. One of them flowers now and then. They are cute and almost silly looking.
I hope you stay warm and safe where ever you are...